Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker offers to protect your private files and folders
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Easy File Locker offers to protect those files and folders you do not want anyone to have access. It does not really use any encryption algorithms; instead, it uses a simple set of cascade protection levels, including access, write, erase and visibility permissions.
The interface is really easy to use and it seems to be the only way to set or erase the protection. In addition, the access to the interface is protected by password. Somehow, the protection will continue to work even when you have quit the application. The interface is rather plain; with so much space available, at least the toolbar buttons could be bigger and more self-explanatory. However, even so, you will find tool tips to help you find your way. The central element is a list of protected files and folders which will allow to access and edit the items’ protection. A group of buttons will allow you to start or stop protection, add folders and files, exclude items from the list, toggle protection status on or off, change the order of the elements and set or change the password.
In general, Easy File Locker is a light application that seems to serve the purposes it was created for: simple file and folder protection. Somehow, it manages to override Windows NTFS permissions because I could not regain access to the protected files even using administrative rights. However, it does not use any encryption.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It protects your private files even when the program is not running


  • It does not use any encryption
  • It does not offer complete protection
  • The interface is rather plain
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